"Gotham" had promised us a "Rise of the Villains" in Season 2, and with Big Bads of all ranges and sizes from The Joker (Cameron Monaghan) to Theo Galavan (James Frain), the FOX show has definitely delivered on that promise in the first half.

In Season 2B of "Gotham", which is set to be premiered on Monday, 29 February, 2016, we will see more of great villains from the Batman comic universe, most importantly Victor Fries aka Mr Freeze (Nathan Darrow).

Although most of the screen time on "Gotham" Season 2A was hogged by Galavan, the villain that made a mark on the show was Jerome aka the proto-Joker. The pure and unadulterated madness of the Batman comics villain was beautifully portrayed by Monaghan and resonated with the audience.

In fact, the Joker was the super-villain of the first part of "Gotham" Season 2 and he was the face of all promotions for the "Rise of the Villains". While his death devastated all the fans, there is a huge possibility of his return, thanks to the arrival of the Big Bad from Season 2B; Mr Freeze.

As the Batman comic fans know, Dr Fries was a man knee deep in cryogenic research, with nearly no contact with the rest of humanity. Nora, the woman who went on to become his wife, was the only person capable of breaching his wall and enabling his first real human interaction. Unfortunately though, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness, leaving Dr Fries lonelier than he ever was.

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He used his medical experiments to keep her in suspended animation while he sought for a cure. However, his research in itself was de-funded and the CEO of GothCorp inadvertently shut down Nora's life-preserving apparatus, and turned Fries into a being who could only survive at subzero temperatures.

"Gotham" shows the origin of the villains from Batman comics and that means we might get to see Dr Fries in his romantic years. In the finale episode we saw Galavan's dead body taken to his laboratory, suggesting that Barbara (Erin Richards) and even Jerome's bodies could have been taken there. He is still researching on dead bodies, and there nothing too villainy about that, considering "Gotham" standards.

We might even have an explanation as to what illness Nora actually conceives, considering the comic only claimed that she had a mysterious illness. As Mr Freeze actor Darrow (best known for "House of Cards" ) told US Today, "It's almost like it has greater weight because it's not named as like, 'Oh, she has this type of cancer.'"

It would be great to see a relatively normal, human-esque life of one of the greatest villains of all time, so we are definitely hoping that he is not full-blown revengeful when we meet him. He is definitely present for a couple of episodes and a story-arc could point towards an actual origin story. We did see a man in a black suit and freeze roaming the streets of "Gotham" in "Rise of the Villains: Worse Than a Crime" so we aren't completely sure.