We were promised that Season 2 of "Gotham" will be all about villains' rising and the first half has definitely delivered on that promise. With the 'death' of iconic villains like Theo Galavan (James Frain), Joker (Cameron Monaghan) and Barabara (Erin Richards), the upcoming Season 2 Episode 12 is expected to introduce more amazing villains.

In the "Worse Than a Crime", we had seen Jim (Ben McKenzie) shedding his hesitance in killing someone who is clearly evil and poisonous to Gotham. However, we do know most of these villains have been transported to Doctor Hugo Strange's laboratory. Although we haven't seen him yet, this genious scientist, played by BD Wong, will have a huge to role in the second half of Season 2 and will wreak havoc in Gotham.

We can also look forward to the arrival of yet another villain – Mr Freeze – in Season 2B. Victor Fries, the Batman villain who carries a "freeze gun" and is infamous for his ice-themed crimes made a cameo in the winter finale. Although his face was not revealed, Freeze was sporting a costume like that of Firefly (Michelle Veintimilla).

Calendar Man, who is famous for committing crimes that correspond with holidays and prominent dates, will also make his debut in "Gotham" soon. However, the comic book fans know that he is not as sadistic as other Batman villains, and may probably only get a procedural episode dedicated to him.

However, from an Easter egg from the Season 2A finale, we think the organised crime group, Court of Owls, will come to the picture soon. We are referring specifically to the scene where Bruce (David Mazouz) tells Silver (Natalie Alyn Lind) that his favourite animals are owls.

We believe that this is a hint at the secret society that has existed since Colonial times in Gotham without grabbing anyone's attention. They kidnap children and train them to become assassins known as Talons. After Galanvan's defeat and the end of the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas, it makes sense to introduce an equally – if not more – vicious group of terrorists insanely committed to their "cause" in Gotham.

We will have more updates on the upcoming episodes of "Gotham" in the coming weeks. Do not forget to check back here for spoilers, cast updates and fan theories ahead of the Season 2 Episode 12 premiere on Monday, 29 February.