The fall finale of "Gotham" Season 2 came with a bang, after Jim (Ben Mckenzie) joined hands with Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) to defeat Theo Galavan (James Frain). However, the good-hearted detective's actions will not go unpunished, especially by new Captain Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis).

Unfortunately for fans, what his future holds will only be revealed next year, 29 February to be precise. When "Gotham" returns with the second part of Season 2, we will also see the arrival of a new villain — Dr Freeze. A promo for the upcoming episodes has already been released, hinting at his arrival.

In the promo, we hear Jim's voice-over saying: "Bad guys in this town are changing. They are not playing by the old rules. I don't know how bad it's going to get. I'll face whatever is coming to me." Following his speech, we see the frozen-over Gotham logo with icicles, as the entire town gets enveloped in snow.

As fans know, this could only be the premonition of the arrival of Mr Freeze aka Victor Fries, the Batman villain who carries a "freeze gun" around, and is famous for cold or ice-themed crimes. He was also seen in the fall finale episode, although his costume looked very similar to that of Firefly.

We can also expect the emergence of another villain in the upcoming episodes — Dr Strange. Not to be confused with Dr Strange, the hero from Marvel Universe. Dr Hugo Strange conducts inhuman experiments on people. In the first half of the season, we saw many bodies being brought to his laboratory, including those of Barbara (Erin Richards) and Galavan.

Many fans are hoping he also has Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) in his lab, allowing for the Joker's return to "Gotham". Fans also know he has a "concentrated lightning" machine to generate a dense fog every night, allowing for his posse to rob easily.

The snowy appearance of "Gotham" could also mark the emergence of Dr Strange in Gotham. We will only know for sure when the show returns to FOX on 29 February. Until then, do not forget to check back here for updates, spoilers and fan theories.