Lena Headey
Actress Lena Headey poses for a at a Sundance special screening of 'Fighting with My Family.'Getty images

There have been several actresses who have come out with allegations against Hollywood's one-time heavyweight producer Harvey Weinstein. And after those allegations surmounted to many, it took the shape of a movement in 2017 that we now all know as the #MeToo movement.

What has happened since then not only took down the sexual predator but has also exposed many high-profile men from the industry. Now, Game of Thrones star Lena Headey has revealed that her career was stalled for a decade because she refused to sleep with the producer.

Headey was previously vocal about her interactions with the producer through a series of tweets in October 2017. She recalled how back in 2005, at the Venice Film Festival, he had made suggestive comments at her. Later, he had asked her to come up to his hotel room to get a script and how the proposal had her body go into "into high alert."

And then when Headey decided to tell him that she was "not interested in anything other than work," Weinstein became "furious." In fact, such was his fury that he hurt her that night and then later asked her to not reveal that to anyone.

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And apparently after this incident, Lena Headey says that her career was stalled for almost a decade. She did not get any role from production house Miramax, the studio Weinstein co-founded, she told The Sunday Times.

"After he was discovered to be a slimeball, on a grander scale than me just knowing it, I did start thinking, 'f***, maybe because I didn't shag him, that's impacted a decade of my working life,' because I did two jobs for Miramax before those incidents, and after that there was nothing," she told the newspaper.

No doubt there has been so much angst against the producer. But, thankfully after a while, Lena landed the biggest role in her career with HBO.

Harvey Weinstein has lost his defence lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, who left the case after failing to dismiss the charges dismissed. His trial is scheduled to begin in May.