Gopi Ganesh's Telugu movie "Romeo", which has been made with the tagline 'Puri Rasina Premakatha', has garnered negative reviews and average ratings from the film critics across the globe.

As its title suggests, "Romeo - Puri Rasina Premakatha" is a romantic drama, which has been produced by Valluripalli Ramesh under the banner of Maharshi Cinema.

Sairam Shankar and Adonika have played the lead roles, while Ravi Teja made a special appearance in the movie, which has Sunil Kashyap's music, PG Vinda's cinematography and Puri Jagannath's script and dialogues.

Set in the backdrop of Rome, the movie "Romeo" is a love story of a New York-based avid traveller Samantha, who has got some connection with a Vizag-based guy Kittu. The lead actors' performances, Puri's interesting story and punch dialogues, Ali's comedy, good music, amazing camera work and exotic locales are the main highlights of the film. But a boring narration is said to be its big drawback.

Check below the reviews written by various film critics for "Romeo":

"Ten minutes into the story, there are hints that the film is beyond redemption and it continues to tumble down the rabbit hole. Gopi Ganesh, the director of the film, makes good use of Ravi Teja and Ali's cameos for comic relief, but after a point, it's also clear that the joke is on us," according to The Times of India.

Romeo Review Roundup: A Spoiled Romance Drama
Romeo Review Roundup: A Spoiled Romance Drama

"For a love story, rich locations and strong production values bring a color but the juice of emotion and feelings is generated through the screenplay and the dialogues. In this film, the first half has an element of suspense and some emotion. The interval bang was alright and the second half had few share of twists and turns. But it must be said that there were not enough hook points to keep the audience engrossed," according to BharatStudent.

"Romeo has a weak storyline that fails to entertain and is tiresome to sit through. The movie infact is devoid of moments that would at least make us chortle. Instead we served with lame romance and humor. The writing could have been much better for this story, it tries hard to convince the audience but doesn't," according to APHerald.

"Romeo is a film which fails majorly because of bad execution and shoddy screenplay. Sai Ram Shankar's performance and a few songs are the only plus points in this film. Puri Jagan needs to come up with something special this time around to give his brother a much needed hit," according to 123Telugu.