Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh in Gopala Gopala
Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh in Gopala Gopala

Director Kishore Kumar Pardasany's "Gopala Gopala", which released in theatres on 10 January, has received positive reviews from the film goers, who call it the best Sankranthi treat from Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan.

"Gopala Gopala" is a remake of hit Hindi comedy film "OMG! Oh My God" and it is a satirical drama on fake godmen. The story is about a middle-class atheist Hindu, who sues gods of all religions, when he fails to get insurance amount for his shop of Hindu idols and antiques destructed by earthquake.

Sticking to the original story, Kishore Kumar Pardasany has made some changes in the screenplay of "Gopala Gopala" to suit the taste of the local audience. He has extended the screen presence of the roles played by Pawan Kalyan and Shriya Saran. He has also added some commercial elements in this Telugu version of "OMG! Oh My God".

"Gopala Gopala" is quite engaging right from the beginning to end and it is very high on entertainment quotient. Brilliant performances by Venkatesh, Pawan Kalyan and others, amazing camera work, melodious songs and background score and punch dialogues are the main highlights of the film, say the audience.

Here is the live update of "Gopala Gopala" movie review by viewers.

Actor Nikhil Siddhartha @actor_Nikhil

At the Gopala Gopala Fans show now.. Cinema just started.. Pic with 1 of the ticket winner.. Theatre overflowing. Powerstat entry picchi peaks... Wat a hair raising entry... GOOSEBUMPS, Best ever entry.. Idhi theatre paristhiti :-) Done with the film... POwer Star enigmatic charm nd venkatesh sir's performance make the movie a superb watch... #GopalaGopala

VamsiKaka @vamsikaka

Done with the first half. Venkatesh delivered another good performance and Pawan Kalyan's appearance is an added attraction. Fantastic performance by Venkatesh. Pawan Kalyan's charm and dialogues are . A decent satirical drama. #GopalaGopala

Mahesh S Koneru @smkoneru

Done with #GopalaGopala..Pawan Kalyan is at his magical best in the film & lends great weight to the second half.. Venky is good.. Bagundhi


#GopalaGopala ... Good 1st half ... Venky was fantastic and Pawan entry was awesome. Fantastic to see Pawan and Venky together dancing. #GopalaGopala is a good decent entertainer ... Venky performance and Pawan presence made it to next level. I loved the scene of Kalyan touching the feet of Venky in 2nd half #GopalaGopala

Bharath @bharath747

Nayakudu ante naminche vadu kadhu nadupinchevadu - PAWANKALYAN. Pawankalyan alanti dialouges chepthune goosebumps saami #GopalaGopala. Forget about commercial elements box office bochu Venky-pk screen presence super,superb dlgs superb attempt a worth watch #GoapalaGopala

Ahiteja @ahiteja666

#Powerstar rocking with his Performance Screen Presence &Mannerisms Ultimate... Dlgs &BGM Bagunnayi.. #GopalaGopala . #Powerstar rocking with his Performance Screen Presence &Mannerisms Ultimate... Dlgs &BGM Bagunnayi.. #GopalaGopala .

Premdeep Parasa

‪#‎GopalaGopala‬ is a good entertainer. Though limited role, @PawanKalyan screen presence is an asset. Venki did decent job. Dialogues are good. Hatrick for PK and yet another hit for Venki.PS : Dont miss the making video in da end.

Ravi kiran @kinnuPSPK

Done !! Good 1st hf .. Excellent 2nd hf Power Packed Victorious #Blockbuster #GopalaGopala @PawanKalyan - #Venky Screen presence ultimate. Dlgs,Performances,Direction,Songs,RR anni Superbbb @PawanKalyan - #Venky Eye Feast combo #GopalaGopala Production values matram

Soma Sekhar @Tollywood_King

#GopalaGopala 1st half is decent. Highlight for 1st half is PK entrance.

Radhika @radheekap

2nd half too good dialogues.. Dialogues matram peaks.. Kalyan cheppina way adirindi.. Climax lo sentimental dialogues keka.. #GopalaGopala Songs too good !! #GoapalaGopala Picturization done #venky is always hilarious

Sridath @DathuRul

1st half good with comedy.. Interval Ki 5mins mundu Devudu enter avtadu, Standing ovation eccharu entrance Ki.. Entrance peaks #GopalaGopala 2nd half too good dialogues.. Dialogues matram peaks.. Kalyan cheppina way adirindi.. Climax lo sentimental dialogues keka.. #GopalaGopala Cinema lo court scenes anni kummesayi.. Bhaje bhaje song lo Kalyan dance arupulu.. Overall ga decent watch.. Thought provoking movie.. Dialogues __/__

Manideep Polireddi ‏@manidesto

Seriously... #GopalaGopala makes you feel like Oh My God didn't have any money. Just about everything is intensified. First half

Baskar @itz_Bhaskar

#GopalaGopala 1st half completed ..venky perfomance ,dlgs,power entry hili8s

onlycharan ‏@onlycharan_Ecf

completed my show.2nd half and climax bokka pettadu dir Dolly.just Below Avg.#Gopalagopala. BO fate depends on #I.

Manoj Valluri @manojvalluri

1st half completed with jet speed. Excellent . Kalyan Pre interval entry z fantastic. Venky at his best. #GopalaGopala

Yathi @ursyathi

#GopalaGopala 1st half done. Venky simply outstanding, Pre interval GOD entrance at peaks. Posani did decent. Very good as of now. Pawan Kalyan dialogues and screen presence arachakam


#GopalaGopala 1st half venky did the very good role without any drawback,,2nd half PAWAN entry AWESOME and second half excellent BLOCKBUSTER

Raghava @Rags_aCreator

Power Star Screen presence as Krishna was Speechless.he is Main pillar for #GopalaGopala Bhaje Bhaaje song was Eye Feast for Fans WorthWatch