Google's October 4 event has already raised curiosity levels among loyalists as well as the general technology community alike due to the fact that the first-ever Google-branded smartphones — Pixel and Pixel XL — will then be launched officially. However, there is one aspect that could be an unknown fact, and that is the fact that Google would unveil an exclusive Wi-Fi router for use at home.

As per an Android Police report, the new Google router would be termed Google Wifi. The USP of this device would be its reported increased range in comparison to conventional Wi-Fi routers. Android Police states that Google Wifi would be capable enough of hosting more than two linked Access Points to create the Wi-Fi network.

As far as the pricing aspect of Google's Wifi router is concerned, this device is now rumoured to carry a price tag of at least Rs 7,000 ($129). Other details with respect to Google Wifi are yet to surface at this point in time. But consumers would already be happy to know that Google is launching a branded Wi-Fi router that could offer maximum reliability as far as home users are concerned. This scenario is true especially in a market like India, which is ruled by lesser-known Chinese names that are often not reliable enough and a threat to security and privacy.

Google's October4 event to witness the launch of Andromeda

A new report has stated that Google could showcase Google Andromeda, which is an amalgamation of Google's Android and Chrome OSes. Generally, what is known is that Google Andromeda would be released in 2017, but now it seems that an official showcase of the hybrid operating platform cannot be ruled out.