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Google CEO Sundar Pichai visits his old college hostel room at IIT Kharagpur

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Thursday visited his alma mater Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, where he went to his old hostel and reminisced about the time spent in college.

Pichai also spoke about the great expectations from India in the future. He also spoke about his journey from college to being the Google CEO. The casual and fun interview was inspirational and encouraging.

"In five to 10 years time frame, we will see big global software companies coming out of India and we will be used to it," he said.

The 44-year-old also talked about Artificial Intelligence being the future by giving the example of improvement in Google Translate due to use of Deep Learning.

Watch the video of Sundar Pichai's interaction at IIT Kharagpur: