Are you feeling lucky? Want to end the year on a rewarding note? Google has got you covered. Following the success of its Diwali offer, Google Pay is back with stickers, which rewards users in real money. Google Pay's new game is called Welcome 2020, where it is offering users vouchers and scratch cards so they can win up to Rs 2020.

Google Pay's Welcome 2020 offer is getting a tremendous response and has got people talking, so much that "#GooglePay2020" hashtag is trending on Twitter.

How to collect Google Pay stamps?

If you participated in the Google Pay Diwali offer, the process isn't new. Everything remains unchanged with a few new factors brought in to add a unique element. For those unaware, here's how it works.

Google Pay users must use the payments app to make payments and earn stickers in return. Users must collect 7 stamps - Toffee, Disco, Balloon, DJ, Sunglasses, Selfie and Pizza - and they form cake layers. After collecting all the layers, customers can claim rewards.

Google Pay stamps are back
Google Pay stamps are backVia Twitter

Users collect stamps by making a payment of Rs 98 or more to another user or business, paying bills worth Rs 300 or more or make mobile rechargers, or invite friends to Google Pay and win stamps when the new user makes the first payment using your referral code.

Google Pay users can get three stamps by following these steps:

Gift an extra stamp to your Google Pay friends to get Balloon or Sunglasses stamps. A maximum of five stamps can be collected daily.

Users can listen to on-air ads, which is basically an ad on YouTube or TV. You can get there by opening the Google Pay app, tap the "on-air" icon on the home screen.

Finally, a DJ stamp can be won by scanning the number 2020 on your desktop or phone.

If nothing, users can also exchange stamps from within the app.

It's worth noting that the offer ends on December 31 and it is already live on the app. Users can choose their bonus reward either in a form of vouchers, scratch cards and lucky draw tickets worth up to Rs 20 lakh.

Google Pay offer turns users into beggars

The deadline is fast approaching and users must collect all the stamps to be able to win rewards. The urgency to complete all the layers has people asking for a little help from strangers on Twitter and social media platforms. Users are offering to exchange stamps and are even selling their stamps for a price to complete the task before December 31.

In a way, Google Pay has turned its users into beggars and brokers - just like it did during Diwali.