Google Pay Diwali offer
Google Pay Diwali offerTwitter

The Diwali offer launched by Google Pay has received a tremendous response with many of its users into beggars to win Rs 251. They are busy five types of stamps from others for the same.

The leading digital wallet platforms are busy luring the users for their online payment system with different offers this Diwali. But the Diwali offer launched by Google Pay is creating a sensation on social media especially on Twitter. A week ahead of celebrations began, the company launched this unique offer.

Google Pay is giving a chance to its users to win Rs 251 and additional prize money of up to 1 lakh. As per this offer, a user needs to do is collect five stamps like Diya, Jhumka, Flower, Lanterns and Rangoli introduced by it. Users who get all of them will win reward of Rs 251 directly into the linked bank account at the midnight of October 31. Google will also choose a lucky winner on November 1.

Google Pay tweeted on October 21, "Celebrate #StampsWaliDiwali as you collect 5 unique Diwali stamps and unwrap our gift to you. Just pay, scan a diya or gift stamps to win an assured scratch card of 251 and a chance to unlock a bonus prize of 1 lakh! Looking for flowers and rangoli stamps? Win them by making payments or gifting your loved ones. 10 lakh rangoli and flower stamps up for grabs today! "

Three days later, Google announced that users exchange stamps to achieve their goal. It tweeted on October 24, "For those of you scouting for stamps, do it with a little help from your fellow tweeps.  Reply by filling in the blanks to find a giver/taker: "Ready to trade ______ for ______?" #StampsWaliDiwali."

This actually boosted the response with many response for this offer instantly. Thousands of users responded the Google's tweet and started requesting the others to share the stamps. Here is how they reacted to the post:

Pranita Jonnalagedda @PranitaRavi

Want the truth @GooglePayIndia! Does anyone have a Rangoli at all? You are turning everyone a Rangoli beggar

Mihir @koolmihir

I'm looking for the Rangoli stamp, do you have it with you?

Soumik Halder @soumik77

Can someone help me with Rangoli I'm looking for the Rangoli stamp, do you have it with you?

Pradeep kumar @Bablunaidu143

I am looking for Rangoli can anyone help me I will give equal share

Arjun @iam_arjunb

I need a Rangoli stamp and in exchange I can give a flower stamp for free

Krishna @krishnabattu91

I'm looking for the Rangoli stamp, do you have it with you?

siddharth gupta @sid6897

Does anyone have rangoli I will give flower in exchange or give me rangoli we will have equal share

Nihar @nihar90210

Anyone up for flower rangoli stamp swap? I've got a flower..