It's been 15 years since Google Maps has been helping people find their way in the easiest way possible. Google Maps has evolved significantly over the years, offering accurate directions and more and more features integrated into a single app. Google Maps marked the end of the tiresome way of navigating using physical maps or ask for help from someone.

Those days are behind us. Google Maps makes it easier than ever to go from one place to another without having to worry about getting lost. On the occasion of Google Maps' 15th birthday, several gratified users and companies wished the most useful navigation service in unique and apt ways.

Check out how the world wished Google Maps on this important day.

Google Maps turns 15
Google Maps turns 15Twitter/Google Maps

Google Maps gets a birthday makeover

On this important milestone of successfully completing 15 years in service, Google treated its second most popular app with some treats that millions of its users are going to love. Google Maps is getting a new look on iOS and Android, starting from the logo to the user interface.

Google Maps has a new layout with five tabs: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute, and Updates. There's nothing new about these tabs, except that they were buried in the side menu before. The Google Maps logo is also now changed with red, blue, yellow and green coloured map pin. The logo is in line with Google's traditional multi-coloured logo.

Google Maps turns 15
Google Maps turns 15Google

With the new update, Google Maps users will get info for buses, subways and trains and soon users will be able to get information about temperature, accessibility, on-board security and if there are any designated women's sections. These changes are considered after user feedback.

Finally, Google is improving its Live View feature with AR overlay to show a new way of navigation. Users will get direction arrows on top of the real-world visuals to help you get the right direction. No more wrong turns anymore!