Google is omnipresent with its products and services that help people in more ways than one can imagine. From a simple web search to getting from one place to another, Google's services have got you covered. Google Maps is by far the most accurate mapping software commercially available right now and Google has never stopped improving it.

With new features, Google Maps keeps getting better. And now the world's most popular navigation app has received another useful feature that makes certain someone extremely happy. Google Maps has borrowed a page from Chrome browser in bringing one of its most popular features, Incognito Mode.

Google announced that the rollout of Incognito mode for Maps has already begun and users will receive it in a few days if haven't already. There's no exact word on when iPhone users can expect the feature, but it only says "coming soon." Regardless, it's not a feature that you cannot go without so you're good until it arrives - at its own pace.

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Google Maps for Android gets Incognito modeREUTERS/Dado Ruvic

For those who have received Incognito in Google Maps can simply activate it by opening the app, tapping the profile picture and selecting "Turn on Incognito mode." But the biggest question is why anyone would want to use Incognito Mode in Maps. Well, there are more than one reasons we could think of.

For instance, if you're going on a road trip you wish on one finds out about, switching to Incognito mode while using Maps for navigation can save you the trouble of cleaning your search and browsing history. Incognito mode in Google Maps works just like it does in Chrome.

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By using Incognito mode in Google Maps, your phone won't save your browsing or search history or send notifications asking you to review the destination, update your location history or share location and use your activity to personalise Maps for future.

But it is worth mentioning that Incognito mode in Maps doesn't stop your ISP, other apps, voice search and other Google services from tracking your secret trips.