In an effort to boost its connected home efforts, Google launched the all-new OnHub Wi-Fi router on Tuesday. The new Wi-Fi router is set to change people's perception about wireless broadband, which is usually slow and unstable. OnHub is a solution to all your Internet browsing troubles, such as troubleshooting intermittent connections, slow speeds and lost connections.

In an official blog post, Google Group Product manager Trong Wuellner explained the features of OnHub Wi-Fi router and how it makes a smart choice compared to other standard routers in the market. Here are top four reasons compelling enough for you to upgrade your Wi-Fi device:


It is a common practice to put the router somewhere it cannot be seen, somewhere near the computer or under a table. But Google's OnHub router changes that with its classy cylindrical design, which compliments your interiors. One other benefit of keeping OnHub in the open is to get a good coverage and speed.

On App

Google is changing the long-followed tradition of checking LEDs on the router to see if the Internet is working. Using a dedicated app for the purpose, Google is making it easy to check the connection and monitor the bandwidth consumed by different devices on your home network. If the app identifies any issue with your network, it presents you with helpful suggestions. Users will have access to the password in a single tap instead of sifting through documents or sticky notes.

Google On app will be available for Android and iOS for free on Google Play Store and iTunes, respectively.

Speedy Connections

Google OnHub is designed to start fast and stay fast, according to the company. OnHub searches for the best channel using its built-in antennas to deliver the best Internet speeds at all times. In fact, the router lets you prioritise a device on a network that can have the fastest Internet speeds to carry out data-heavy activities such as downloading or streaming movies.

Seamless Updates

OnHub Wi-Fi router has an in-built system that updates all the new features and security upgrades without interrupting your Internet connection. The update system is identical to that of Android OS and Chrome browser, and works in the background.

Google OnHub is manufactured by TP-LINK, a renowned network company. The web search titan is looking to get more manufacturers on board and Asus is already set to build the next product later this year. OnHub will first set its foot in the US and Canada, starting sales through online and offline channels. You can also pre-order OnHub from Google Store, Amazon, Newegg,, TP-LINK Store and for $199.99.