Tech giant Google has introduced a new 'Reading practice' feature for its Play Books Android application and Kids Space, which will help new readers independently improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Now available in the US, the new feature will highlight the text as the user reads out loud, tracking where they are in the book and helping them to focus on the next word, the tech giant said in a blogpost on Thursday.

If the user gets stuck on how to pronounce a word, they can tap it to hear what it sounds like.

Also, the new feature provides a child-friendly definition of a word, if the user wants to learn more about the word.

Google introduces new 'Reading practice' feature for Play Books
Google introduces new 'Reading practice' feature for Play Books.IANS

"At the end of the page, they'll have the option to practice any words they skipped or mispronounced," the company said.

The tech giant further mentioned that users can use the "Reading practice" filter in Google Play Books to narrow down their store or library searches to ebooks that offer Reading practice.

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