Google Fiber Arrives In Kansas City For Small Businesses
First fiberhoods with Early Access for small businesses in Kansas City, KS (Left) and Kansas City, MO (Right)Google Fiber Blog

Google, the world's largest internet search provider, is stepping up its game on high-speed fiber-optic broadband service for small businesses. The internet provider announced the expansion of Google Fiber for small businesses in certain areas in Kansas City, Kansas. As a part of the early access program, Google Fiber in Kansas City will be offered at $100 per month for startups.

The expansion of Google Fiber in Kansas City follows a positive response from small businesses such as filmmakers, web developers and more. It now covers a small area in Kansas City bordered by the state line, Gregory Boulevard, the Paseo, and 75th and 79th streets, local media reported.

"Now we're taking another step to speed up the Internet for small businesses—today, we're kicking off an Early Access Program for Google Fiber for Small Business in select areas of central Kansas City," Carlos Casas, Kansas City Field Team Manager wrote in the company's blog post, Tuesday. 

"And whether a business uses their connection to move to the cloud, get closer to customers on Hangouts, or bring more transactions online, we're excited to see what happens when Kansas City businesses say farewell to slow speeds and hello to all the tools and technologies that they need to grow."

Google Fiber for small businesses is more expensive than the $70 a month plan for residential customers with the same bandwidth. The extra cost is compensated with some business-benefitting perks such as the availability of one to five static IP addresses for $20 or $30 a month. There will be no construction fees or a contract. The network box with Google Fiber includes powerful Wi-Fi, gigabit routing, firewall protection, online network management via MyFiber and guaranteed price for 1 year.

Google started taking orders from companies for the service starting Tuesday and hopes to begin rolling out the service by the end of this year.