google doodle election

Google marked the first phase of elections on April 11, with its own doodle. The doodle shows a finger marked with indelible ink. The indelible ink is applied on voters' fingers after they cast their vote in the polling booth. The ink prevents the person from voting twice since it takes at least a month or sometimes even longer to go.

When the doodle is clicked on, the page which opens explains the reader on how to vote and goes on to inform that a person can vote only of his or her name appears on the electoral roll or voter's list. Along with the voter's list, the voter should also possess a voter's ID.

The page also elaborates on how the person can find their name on the electoral roll, who are the candidates contesting for the elections, where they can find their polling centre and how to use the Electronic Voting Machine.

The Google doodle denotes the beginning of the seven-phase election which will spread out over the months of April and May – from April 11 to May 19. The counting of the votes and the declaration of the result will happen on May 23.

This election is said to be one of the biggest in democratic history with over 900 million eligible voters casting their vote for who they think should run their constituency and inadvertently, the country.