Google enhanced search engine
Google search engine algorithm modification has not been applied in India yetGoogle

Search engine giant Google has declared to demote the websites with pirated content by decreasing their page ranking. For this, they have modified their older searching algorithm.

The new algorithm will not only down rank those pages, but also remove auto complete suggestions of those sites.

Google has explained that they will down rank the websites who has received a large number of notifications under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a United States law to control the digital management right system.

Google will also add new advertisement slots on its returns to promote the legal content providers like Beats music, Google Play or Spotify. A Google search for any artist will show all the results along with some buying or listening advertisements on the right pane.

"We've now refined the signal in ways we expect to visibly affect the rankings of some of the most notorious sites," said Katherine Oyama, senior copyright policy counsel at Google.

This move is actually an update of Google's search algorithm, originally published in 2012. The latest algorithm will be stricter with the content specific search results. Google has also mentioned they will make sure not to promote any pirates while taking any advertisement.

Google said they have been testing how to provide genuine content results, when searched by token words like 'free', 'download' or 'torrent'.

They have also mentioned to educate users about copyright infringement by removing some of their copyright violated videos from YouTube. But it will depend on how many copyright violation notice that particular video has got.

Currently, the new search algorithm has only been rolled out to the US, and soon will be applied internationally.

Google has launched a collaboration with Paramount Pictures to promote their upcoming film "Interstellar" through an interactive website.