Google Launches Affordable Chromebooks Starting At Rs. 12,999: Key Specifications Revealed
Google Launches Affordable Chromebooks Starting At Rs. 12,999: Key Specifications RevealedGoogle Chromebooks Official Site

After the mixed success of Chromebook laptops, Google has launched another series of Chromebook devices in India. The ultra-affordable chromebooks have been launched in 3 editions, including Xolo Chromebook and Nexian Air. According to Google, ASUS and Samsung is also about to unveil their latest Chromebook devices in the coming months.

Available exclusively through Snapdeal, the XOLO Chromebook is available for ₹12,999; the Nexian Air is offered for the same, but available through Amazon. On the launch event, Google also announced another device for professionals. Named as ChromeBox, the video meeting utility has been rolled out for ₹90,000.

With the pricing, you can easily speculate all the devices have been specially tailored to serve a specific purpose.

Unlike traditional laptop or notebook computers, Chromebook has been made with a different ideology and the developer, Google is quite successful in it. Here are the six reasons that make them a better buy than its counterpart.


Chorembook devices also function like regular laptops and are available at a cost much lower than regular Windows driven laptops. They deliver great performance in their price. Although Chromebook features dated configurations, the combination of Chrome OS and the hardware delivers what it claims to offer.


Chromebook laptop devices are based on the Chrome OS. The OS features online fundamentals of Chrome browser and believes everything online. So once you're done with your work, it's safe in the cloud. The idea works really well if Chromebook's are connected to a fast Internet network.

Google Power

The Chrome OS behaves similar to Android OS and offers similar integration and flexibility what an Android smartphone offers. Both the OS have been developed by Google and offer all the apps that accomplish different tasks.


Usually made to deliver regular office or school works, the Chromebook laptops sacrifice bigger HD display, GPU or separate audio cards. They are light and smaller in size, hence they become most portable and useful for the price.

Tailored for Specific Purpose

The Chromebook laptops are usually available for quite inexpensive price tag, hence they can be afforded for everyone.

Frequent Updates

Like Android, Google keeps the Chrome OS bug and glitch-free with regular updates, hence the Chromebook laptops are able to deliver a smooth and bug-free experience.