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Is Google's Chromebook Pixel set for second coming?

When Google's original Chromebook Pixel launched a couple of years ago, it was considered by most as a sort of niche product. And although the sales of the Chromebook Pixel never really made a mark, it was still regarded with a lot of respect by many in the fraternity.

However, Google is taking a second chance with the product. According to a new report on the matter, the company is on the verge of launching a revamped version of the Chromebook Pixel that's expected to arrive with upgraded specifications and new sets of features.

Going by a report from OMG! Chrome, Google's Renee Niemi has revealed in a video that the new version of the Pixel will be announced soon. "We do have a new Pixel coming out and it will be coming out soon," Niemi said.

"We will be selling it but I just have to set your expectations: this is a development platform. This is really a proof of concept. We don't make very many of these - we really don't. And...our developers and our Googlers consume 85% of what we produce. But yes, we do have a new Pixel coming out."

As far as a bit of experience into the matter is concerned, while the original Chromebook Pixel actually came as a reminder to the industry that the OS inside isn't simply for the budget devices, a lot will be expected from the newer version of the Chromebook Pixel, apart from a few in the internal OS.

However, an Androidanme report states that Chromebook Pixel 2 isn't a device that's intended for consumers, but has been made for developers and others working closely to improve the Chrome OS,. Additionally, OMG! Chrome report too seems to agree with it, saying that it won't be pitched for regular consumers.

There's hardly anything revealed for the re-done Chromebook Pixel, although the device is rumoured to sport a similar design to its predecessor, while also maintaining a 12.85-inch screen size and ultra-high resolution. The device also looks to have built-in fans and the new reversible type-C USB ports.

Apart from that, other specs are still to be found out, but expect us to keep you posted on further developments regarding the Chromebook Pixel 2. Stay tuned.