Google Most Trusted Internet Brand in India, Facebook SecondReuters

Search-engine giant Google was found to be voted the most trusted online brand in India, according to a new study by Brand Trust Advisory.

The study revealed that Facebook was the second most trusted online brand followed by Yahoo, Orkut and e-commerce website Ebay in the top five most trusted online brands.

"Google's Orkut, steadied at fourth rank despite a significant fall in daily visitors from here. Facebook has ranked first in the sub-category of social networking," said N Chandramouli, Trust Research Advisory chief executive, reported PTI.

The survey which was conducted in 16 countries had assessed the popularity of 19,000 unique brands across 211 categories. This is the third time the internet giant was voted number one in the survey.

Online retailers like AOL, Amazon, Ibibo and OLX are some of the other brands which managed to make it to the top ten list. Video sharing website YouTube ranked number nine in the list.

The report revealed that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are gaining popularity in the country. The rising ranks of e-commerce websites indicate that the fear of online shopping is on a decline.

The survey also said that the Google is the most trusted search engine followed by Yahoo.