Google Assistant is getting smarter with every update.  Google has updated its Assistant with the ability to find nearby services like electricians, plumbers and house cleaners.

Google Assistant has been adding new features like identifying songs and controlling Chromecast, just like it rival assistants Siri and Alexa. Now, it can help users to find local businesses as well.

Instead of just providing the top list, Google Assistant will ask you some question and suggest you the right shop nearby that fits your needs.

Just like OK Google, all you have to say is something like "find me a plumber" or the service you want.

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Then you will get a list of common orders to choose from such as installing a faucet, unclogging a drain, etc. Once you have chosen your requirement, Google Assistant will confirm the address where you need the work done.

After confirming this, you will have the option to ask the Assistant to call the first plumber it finds or get a list of the ones in your area that provide the services you need.

The new feature is available to users on Android and iOS, as well as the one who is using the company's voice-activated speaker Home. In the United States, it'll roll out over the coming week.

"In many cities, the Google Assistant will suggest providers that have been prescreened by Google and companies like HomeAdvisor and Porch so you can feel confident they're ready to take on the job," the company explained in a blog post.