Google acquires

Google has loosened the purse strings one more time. This time, the company has acquired Toro, a startup that helps developers promote their apps on Facebook, according to an announcement from the company just recently.

Originally known as Red Hot Labs, Toro was led by Amitt Mahajan and Joel Poloney. These are same guys who previously co-founded MyMiniLife, which played a key role in the creation of FarmVille, and was later acquired by Zynga.

In its official announcement, Toro writes that joining Google will be an added benefit for the team members as they will have access to more resources and distribution, allowing them to "continue our mission of making the lives of app developers easier."

"Three years ago, we set off on a mission to create tools for app developers that we always wished we had. Since then, we've built multiple products in the mobile space, worked with some great partners, and have helped hundreds of apps grow their user bases. With greater resources and distribution now available at our disposal, we're excited to join Google," it added.

In case you don't know what Toro is all about, it's known to offer solutions to help app developers create the best marketing and promotional plans for their apps on Facebook's advertising platform. And via its various tools, developers can easily manage several different Facebook campaigns that work best towards their respective end-goals.

Now, via Google's acquisition of the company, Toro will gain more access to resources that will facilitate them to help mobile developers in much more meaningful ways than it was earlier possible for the company.

The company adds that for its existing marketing customers, it will continue to optimise the users' campaigns and update their dashboards, although campaign creation has been suspended for the time being. "We recommend working with an alternative Facebook PMD for new campaigns going forward. For reporting customers, your reports will continue free of interruption," it added.

However, the short announcement from Toro did not disclose any other information, and this includes the terms of the agreement. Previous to this, Red Hot Labs raised a $1.5 million funding in 2013 from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, Chris Dixon and SV Angel.