Good Behavior

The Season 1 finale of TNT's Good Behavior will focus on Letty trying to make things right after she rats of Javier to the FBI. The penultimate episode also saw Michelle Dockery's Letty sleeping with Sean, the father of her child, after ordering Javier to kill him.

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Letty has landed in a hot mess, and it is now up to her to make amends. But will things between Javier and Letty end for good once he finds out about her betrayal?

"I think you have to wait and see — does he even find out?" showrunner Chad Hodge told Screener. "We know that he knows that she slept with Sean, but is he going to find out that she sold him out to the FBI? And if he does, that's a great question. We definitely answer it in the finale."

The promo for the finale shows Letty asking Christian if the FBI has contacted Javier. Another scene is of Letty attempting to convince Javier to drop a contract kill saying the victim may not deserve to die. But it looks like the FBI spoils Javier's plans as the scene then cuts to Javier putting his hands up in the air.

The synopsis for All The Things reads: "Letty (Michelle Dockery) makes a devastating choice and once again has to clean up her own mess. But this time it's to save Javier (Juan Diego Botto)."

Good Behavior finale airs Tuesday, January 10 at 9 pm ET on TNT. The network is yet to make a decision on whether to renew the show for the second season or not.