Good Behavior
Good Behavior airs Tuesdays at 9pm on TNT.Facebook/Good Behavior

Season 1 episode 4 of Good Behavior will see Letty returning to her hometown to reunite with her son and also to attend her high school reunion. This episode will delve more into Letty's backstory and viewers will see why Letty turned out the way she is.

With episode 3, the show has put an end to the first act of Good Behavior, and the entire purpose of the next episode is to see what makes Letty the person she is, revealed co-creator Chad Hodge in an interview with Yahoo TV. Episode 4 will explore Letty's relationship with her mother, her son, and her childhood friends. "We see all that and learn a lot more about where she came from," said Hodge.

The previous episode ended with Javier, the hitman, agreeing to let Letty go. But theirs seem to be a toxic relationship that Letty craves, and viewers will see more of their love story as the season progresses. According to Hodge, Good Behavior is more or less about Javier and Letty's "screwed up" love story.

"That's really what this show is about — these two people who have spent most of their lives alone and not being able to be honest with people about who they really are," he told Yahoo TV. "They immediately, upon meeting each other in the first episode, know the very 'worst things' about each other, which only enables them to then find the good in each other."

The synopsis for episode 4 titled Your Mama Had a Hard Night reads: "Letty tries to return to her hometown to see her son; Letty tries to protect her friend Tiffany from the truth about her husband."

Good Behavior airs Tuesdays at 9pm on TNT.