#GonnaTellMyKids memes
#GonnaTellMyKids memesvia Twitter

Internet is a funny place to be if you know where to look. Social media platforms are buzzing with memes about "Gonna tell my kids," which turned into an overnight sensation as users started sharing hilarious posts with the hashtag #gonnatellmykids. It's now a trending hashtag on Twitter and every post is a testament to that.

If you're having a dull day, this is sure to light up your mood. The desi twist to the "gonna tell my kids" memes have everyone in splits and the innovative, witty thinking of users is commendable. Taking screenshots from popular movies and adding a hilarious comment followed by "gonna tell my kids" is something you should try, or at the least endlessly scroll through social media to laugh your guts out.

We've handpicked some of the most hilarious #gonnatellmykids memes for you to sit back and enjoy:

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