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Awards season is right around the corner and as always there are quite a few big names that are vying for a prize. However, it looks like this season, the awards are not letting big names through the gates at all. If the Golden Globes 2020 snubs are anything to go by.

The Golden Globes are apparently the awards that give us a sense of what to expect this awards season and who might turn out to be the frontrunners for the Oscar this year. However, it looks like the Hollywood Foreign Press was not impressed by the big names this year.

Reportedly, Marriage Story, The Irishman and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood all did very well, however, there were several projects left off the list. Cats, starring Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, and Taylor Swift, did not get a lot of GG love, though one of Swift's songs for the film - Beautiful Ghosts - was recognized.

Game Of Thrones was also not listed. Greta Gerwig's retelling of Little Women, was not recognized but star Saoirse Ronan, however. did land a nod. And Adam Sandler was left out for his acclaimed dramatic performance in Uncut Gems. The Irishman did well but star Robert De Niro was not given a nomination. 

Frozen 2
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Disney's Frozen 2, a box-office bonanza, only received one lonely nomination. The animated Disney film got the original song category for Into the Unknown. The first Frozen movie won the Golden Globe for Let It Go (and it also nabbed an Oscar).

These are only a few of the names that were left out, but the sheer star power of the snubs makes things interesting.

The nominations this year are quite surprising, as on any other day these names would have been a shoo-in for a nomination and frontrunners for a win. But it looks like the Golden Globes is shaking things up this year. We'll just have to wait and see if the awards that follow will follow the lead set by the Golden Globes.