Kelleth Cuthbert
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The 76th Golden Globes will be remembered for several reasons. It was then that Lady Gaga won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Original Song, "Shallow" and Richard Madden received the Best Actor award for his role in British drama series, Bodyguard. There's one more reason to remember the Golden Globes 2019 — it was when a Fiji Water Girl made headlines.

During the Golden Globes 2019, model Kelleth Cuthbert became an internet sensation after photobombing multiple celebrities. At that time, she wore a blue gown and carried a tray full of Fiji Water bottles. In a twist of events, Kelleth is now suing the company which made her face.

As per a recent report, Kelleth Cuthbert aka Fiji Water Girl is suing Fiji Water Co. for profiting from her appearance at the 2019 Golden Globes. As per the court documents, Kelleth is suing the brand for its unauthorized use of her pictures. The model is suing the company for using her image in the marketing campaign.

As per the documents, Kelleth Cuthbert claims that she never authorised the company to use her pictures to create cardboard cutouts of herself as the reference point of its global marketing campaign. She further claimed that she did not sign away her rights to "Fiji Water Girl."

Kelleth Cuthbert
Kelleth Cuthbert in one of her photoshootsInstagram

Kelleth Cuthbert additionally revealed in the documents that Fiji Water Co. even tried to bribe her with certain gifts to get her to sign away her rights. The company reportedly pressured her into video recording a fake signing of fake documents, claims the obtained report.

Apparently, Kelleth Cuthbert is not the only person who slammed Fiji Water Co. Earlier on January 9, acclaimed actress Jamie Lee Curtis made headlines for calling the company out on a lengthy Instagram post of using her in its Golden Globes red carpet without her permission. You can check out her outburst in the caption below:

In a statement provided to Elle, Fiji Water has called the lawsuit shallow. As per Fiji Water Co., after the 76th Golden Globes, they negotiated a generous agreement with Kelleth Cuthbert that she violated.

"We are confident that we will prevail in Court. Throughout our history, we have had a sterling reputation working with talent," they further stated.