Goldberg has reportedly signed a deal with the WWE to return at Royal Rumble 2017Wikimedia Commons / Marine Corps Community Services

Although pro wrestling matches are said to be scripted and the results pre-planned, hardly anyone would have imagined Goldberg getting a sensational one-sided victory over Brock Lesnar in Survivor Series 2016 in Toronto on Sunday. For those who haven't caught up with the match yet, it took hardly more than three minutes for the main event to come to an end.

Goldberg, fighting in a pro-wrestling ring for the first time in 12 years, absolutely silenced the crowd at the Air Canada Centre with his sensational performance. We can even bullet point the entire moves of the fight. Here it is:

  • Lesnar with the first move, attempts a takedown on his opponent and Goldberg lands on the ring post.
  • Goldberg pushes Lesnar away.
  • Goldberg pins Lesnar with an unexpected spear (his finishing move).
  • The WCW legend demolishes the former UFC star with yet another devastating spear.
  • Finally, Goldberg lifts Lesnar and pins him with the jackhammer (another of his finishing moves).

Goldberg, 49, is now 2-0 up on the 39-year-old Lesnar. A trilogy fight now looks very much on the cards , although the former Universal Soldier: The Return actor has revealed Lesnar is his final opponent in the WWE, when he mentioned: "You're last!"

The dominating win in the Survivor Series 2016 may have now opened a whole new level for Goldberg, who himself feels he is not done with his pro wrestling career. Here is what he said after the fight:

So, what next for Goldberg in WWE?

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the 285 pound Goldberg has inked a deal with WWE that sees him participate in the Royal Rumble 2017, scheduled for January 29 in San Antonio, Texas. If this indeed happens, this will be Goldberg's second ever appearance at the Royal Rumble.

While we are surely going to track the development for all of you, let us look at how twitter users are reacting on the complete demolition of Brock Lesnar:

To check out the highlights of the entire fight, go to the WWE Network or follow the highlights on TV.