Thieves fail spectacularly after struggling to break jewellery cases
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More than 30 kgs of gold and platinum jewellery worth Rs 13 crore were stolen from a shop in Trichy on Wednesday. Described as a move-like jewel heist, the burglars gained access by drilling a hole near a blindspot from the store's CCTV coverage.

"Around 700 to 800 pieces of ornaments including gold, diamonds and platinum worth Rs 13 crore were stolen from the ground floor of the shop," Chairman of Lalithaa Jewellery, Kiran Kumar was quoted as saying by the Times of India. 

Security footage revealed two people wearing animal face masks gaining entry into Lalithaa Jewellery showroom near Chathiram Bus Stand in Trichy. The burglary took place between 2:10 am and 3:10 am after the thieves gained access by drilling a hole near the AC vents located at the back of the store.

Police suggested that hole in the wall was unlikely made using mechanical drilling machine as it is located near an open parking ground. It is likely that manual tools were used to create the cavity.

Reports suggested, around four to six security men were guarding the shop on the day the incident took place. The store has 24/7 security.

Investigation revealed the perpetrators paid a considerate amount of attention to small but crucial details. Forensic experts who collected samples from the scene found chilli powder sprinkled over the wall cavity to deter sniffer dogs to identify their scent.

The half-opened chilli powder packet was found lying near the scene and was taken for further testing. A screwdriver was also reported to have been found. 

Police officials have expressed doubts about the number of people involved in the heist. "There may have been one or two men waiting outside to help them" Deputy Commissioner of Police,  A Mayilvaganan told the news daily. 

A special investigative team was formed to catch the perpetrators.