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Amid the sparking row over anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests, that turned violent in several parts of Karnataka, especially in Mangaluru district of the state, the state tourism minister CT Ravi on Friday (December 20) said that a situation like Godhra riots might arise if the majority loses patience.

The minister made this statement as a comeback towards Congress leader and Ullal MLA UT Khader's comment that  Karnataka will burn if the Citizenship (Amendment) Act is implemented in the state. A video of CT Ravi has gone viral on social media, where he can be heard saying that it is because of the mentality of the Muslim community that they set fire in Godhra.

"It is this very mindset, that burnt a train in Godhra and people of this mindset burnt karsevaks alive. We know that. But I think Khader knows what happened if there is a reaction, he has seen what happened when people rose in an uprising to the burning of the train in Godhra. If he has forgotten it, let him remember it once," said Ravi.

BJP leader warns Yediyurappa

He said that all of these are happening because the majority community in the country is patient. Warning Khader on severe consequences, Ravi said, "I advise you to look back and see what happens when our patience runs out."

After Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa said that CAA will be implemented in the state on Wednesday (December 18), UT Khader had warned him saying, "I am giving our state's CM some advice and a warning. If CAA is implemented in Karnataka, then the day will come when Karnataka will burn."

Even though the government had imposed Section 144 (prohibitory order) in the state, people held protests across the state on Thursday (December 19). The protest took a violent turn in Mangaluru, where two protestors, Abdul Jaleel (49) and Noushin (26) was killed in police firing. National general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), BL Santosh has blamed Khader for the death of the two protesters.