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Check live audience response on Tovino Thomas' Godha movie.Godha - Official/Facebook

Movie Name: Godha
Cast: Tovino Thomas, Wamiqa Gabbi, Renji Panicker, Aju Varghese, Parvathy TT, Kottayam Pradeep, Mammukkoya
Director: Basil Joseph
Story: Rakesh Mantodi
Music Director: Shaan Rahman
Release Date: May 19 2017
Genre: Sports Drama/ Romantic/ Family/ Comedy
Duration: 2 hours

Young actor Tovino Thomas' latest Malayalam movie Godha, which can be called Mollywood's Dangal, hit the theatres across Kerala on Friday, May 19. The sports-centred movie, based on wrestling, is the directorial venture of Basil Joseph of Kunjiramayanam fame, and is one of the most awaited movies in Malayalam this year.

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Tovino plays Anjaneya Das while Punjabi actress Wamiqa Wabbi makes her debut in Malayalam with Godha in the role of a wrestler named Aditi Singh. Renji Panicker, Aju Varghese, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Mammukoya, Parvathy T and Kottayam Pradeep also play significant roles in the movie.

Godha, Godha release, Godha movie premiere, Tovino Thomas
Godha will be released on May 19.Godha - Official/Facebook

Tovino, Basil and the entire team of Godha have been actively promoting the movie in various unique ways and viewers are already impressed with the interesting promo videos and songs of the sports drama. The movie is expected to open to rave reviews from the audience.

The horror thriller Ezra's director Jay K, who recently watched the preview show of Godha, took to his social media handle to comment on the Tovino-starrer.

Finally saw the preview of GODHA. A rollicking comedy sports drama with technical finesse and production values. An entertaining watch with gr8 performance from newbie Wamiqa gubbi, Tovino Thomas and Ranji Panikkar. I had my share of fun... #godhayilkanaam (sic)." 

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Abhilash Visw

Godha should'nt be missed in theaters due to its super package of humour and action. First of its kind here while looking upon the wrestling part, especially in terms of quality making. Congrats Basil Joseph (y) Superb visuals by Vishnu Sarma & Abhinav Sunder Nayak cuts are inspiring. And special mention to Shaan Rahman for his very energetic album and so is the background score. Kudos to all other ppl from the crew. Loved it.


#Godha has Good packaging, impressive performances and neat technical side.Another winner for E4 at the BO. As expected a Clean Entertainer which is sure to be liked by all section of audience.Fun and engaging

Afsal Ahamed‏ 

#Godha Kidu.. #RenjiPanicker heavy @GabbiWamiqa superb in looks, perfo and wrestling scenes ! @ttovino BGM , DOP Clean entertainer !

Chandra Mohan Gopinath 

A film with an objective to entertain the audience and provide enjoyment, Godha succeeds in that attempt..

Tom Babu‏ 

#Godha interval... Very good so far... A visual and audio treat..#Godha is a very good watch overall. Technically awesome. Gorgeous visuals & great sound mixing.Last act is a bit weak though. #Godha is a very good watch overall. Technically awesome. Gorgeous visuals & great sound mixing.Last act is a bit weak though. Last act being weak is becoming a pattern for E4Entertainment films (Guppy & Ezra)... Technical awesomeness & variety is their USP. 3.5/5


A feel good clean entertainer from tovino nd team , aditi singh rocks
Once again tovino broke the hero stereotype!! Comedy works well. Well made sports drama in mollywood !!! Don't expect wrestling to that kind of #dangal 3.75/5

Gokul B nair‏ 

#Godha outstanding performence of @ttovino ,@GabbiWamiqa & #RenjiPaniker #shanRahman BGM & SONGS @AjuVarghesee comedies  @iBasil delivers an excellent package of comedies & emotional elements Superb making


#Godha Totally worth time'n'dime. @GabbiWamiqa slams it. @ttovino flexes into comical rink effortlessly. @iBasil pins the script! @cvsarathi

Sreelal Yesodharan‏

#Godha - Good execution and good comedy. A number of sports movies have came recently !


#Godha - A superb entertainer
Loved it very much❤
@GabbiWamiqa was superb as Aditi ☺

Monika T Puthuran‏

@GabbiWamiqa Saw Godha outstanding performance!Enjoyed with family ! Every single character was living !u luk so beautiful#Muchloveaditi


Good second half !
Stunning performance by @GabbiWamiqa and #Renjipanikker
Overall a good entertainer !

Malayalam Review‏ 

#Godha Entertaining One @iBasil Packed Well With Comedy and Emotions Superb Cinematography,BGM,Songs @GabbiWamiqa ❤ & Ranjipanikar 2hr Duration Average Script But Executed Well @ttovino Go For It 3/5

Tennyson Thomas‏ 

#Godha is full-fun, thanks to @iBasil #TovinoThomas @GabbiWamiqa #RenjiPanicker for this brilliant entertainer.

Cinema Today‏

#Godha simply superb
Overall a superb familyentertainer from #Basiljoseph&team

Akash A R‏

#Godha A clean Entertainer... @ttovino


Socialy relevent!
Movie Talikng about the beef cancelation!
#basilJospeh direction

Manuraj Ninthathil‏ 

Watched godha.
The word is AWESOME !!
Basil Joseph | Shaan Rahman| Vishnu Sarma | Manu Manjith all the crew..Hats off u guys (y)


#Godha - Entertaining first half. Watchable second half... Overall above average !


Watched godha
Adipoli entertainer
Wamiqa thakarthu
Good making
Good background score
Basil 3.5/5

Anoop S‏

A Clean Entertainer From #BasilJoseph
@GabbiWamiqa & #RenjiPanicker Show Stealers


#Godha a typical cliche story with all its moments! Moreover its a female lead movie dont get confused becoz of Tovino! #Godha filled with fun & emotions tells a story about a girls who is passionate about wrestling Clichéd but it's actually one time watchable. Climax was a cliché and also as same as of #Dangal but considering the fact they didnt know about it, it was an ok climax #Godha


Saw #Godha First Day First Show! One word to describe.. "Addipoli"..Thank you! @iBasil @ttovino @GabbiWamiqa Mantodi, and the youth Renji! The audience in the theatre were like in a "laughing godha".. !! Very good story and awesomely directed. Basil's usual casting done a great job, comedies worked out well also the one liners Tovino as usual done his job right!! #WamiqaGabbi she is a bomb shell She did an extra ordinary job and made my eyes always glued to the screen

feviyan paulson‏

#godha perfect entertainer, @GabbiWamiqa wat a debut ! She looks cute and performed really well especially in the second half @ttovino

Abhilash Nair‏ 

@iBasil just watched #Godha excellent movie @GabbiWamiqa stole the show..☺. Tovino. Music . Must watch movie. Good making


@GabbiWamiqa excellent performance in #Godha congratulations. U r too fit for south industry. Welcome


GODHA pakka entertainer
Wamiqua, Renji Paniker heavy performance

Kiran Johnson Vattoly

#Godha from Basil is a Neat Clean EntertainerLatter Half was not up to the 1stBut overall with the innocent comedies,Cinematography,and Music the movie is worth a 1 time watch with low expectations☺️2.9/5

Vivek Sasidharan

Its GODHA time!!! One of the finest movies I have watched recently..it will play with your emotions..it will give you goosebumps..a perfect entertainer..dear malayalam box office prepare to welcome a super duper hit..godha has started its journey!!! great to see that our Basil Joseph has achieved his dreams..it is not the limit..keep dreaming more bro!congrats and all the best..!!!

Vivek Santhosh

#Godha is a predictable yet smartly packaged wrestling drama that gets almost everything right in keeping the audience hooked on to its rollicking narrative that offers relentlessly funny and exciting moments. Basil Joseph has come a long way from his debut, 'Kunjiramayanam'. In this second outing of his, he proves that he is here to stay with an immensely engaging narrative that offers no dull moment whatsoever from the start to the finish. Rakesh Mantodi's screenplay is mostly predictable from miles away and formulaic in approach, but he makes up for all of it, to a great extent, by focussing more on the character development in an organic manner. Apart from Abhinav Sunder Nayak's intelligently clocked editing and Vishnu Sharma's exuberant visuals, it's Shaan Rahman's vibrant music and thumping background score that truly elevates the movie into a whistle-worthy experience. Every single track synchs perfectly with its narrative and none of them felt like a speed breaker.

 Basil Joseph has delivered Malayalam cinema's proud answer to the likes of 'Dangal' and 'Saalaa Khadoos' with a wholesome package of rib-tickling fun and earnest sports drama filled with crowd-pleasing moments aplenty, where Shaan Rahman -- with his stellar soundtrack -- delivers his best work till date. 8/10

Bharat K Lakshman

Stellar acting and an engaging storyline presented with a dose of comedy, something tells me Godha is going to be big. The chemistry between Tovino and Wamiqa was brilliant with the proposal scene standing out.