The console wars, to be perfectly honest, has sort of ripped apart the entire gaming industry, with games now being developed especially for a certain console (keeping either Sony or Microsoft in mind). And while it's usually the PC-faithful that pay the price for such disparity, none can deny that most of these titles are worth the trouble.

With regard to keeping a few titles exclusive to certain platforms, Sony has officially released a revamped version of its exclusive God of War 3 for the PS4, simply calling it 'God of War 3 Remastered'. And, as you can guess from the term "remastered", the entire game has been revamped to compliment the power of the PS4.

While the edition of God of War has been redone, every other core element inside it has been maintained so as to not deviate from the original gameplay experience. On an overall though, the game has been wonderfully recreated for the PS4, and comes with a host of new Trophies for fans to earn, aside the 1080p 60 FPS visuals.

So it doesn't matter if you have played Kratos a thousand times before or are just new to the entire "destroy the Gods" deal (we envy you), the core element of excitement will never be diminished. But if you are new, you will require a bit of spoon-feeding on how to handle Kratos' magic and weapons. Here's a guide to help you:

God of War 3 Remastered – Kratos Magic Tips

  • In case this is your first time with any God of War, know that each type of Kratos' magic is tied to a certain kind of weapon the Kratos has in his arsenal. However, the magic isn't forever, and you have to be careful on where you want to apply them.
  • Speaking about Kratos' weapons and the magic attached to each of them, there's the Blades of Athena that comes with the Divine Reckoning power. This enables Kratos to charge the ground in a surrounding area, and hit anything that's near him. Its range is limited, but it's powerful enough to send enemies into oblivion.
  • Following this, once Kratos acquires the Blades of Exile, you'll unlock the Army of Sparta. When these guys are summoned, they will form a human wall of sorts around Kratos, and attack any enemy that are nearby. This is a great option if Kratos has been surrounded by a lot of enemies, and you are looking for that one venom hit.
  • There's also the Claws of Hades, and on getting it, you will be able to access the Soul Summon power. This will summon spirits of foes to attack their allies temporarily. You can select the ability in the weapons menu and let someone else fight your battles for you. Cheeky!
  • Apart from that, you will also, at some point, pick up the Nemean Cestus, which will then open you up to the Nemean Roar. The Nemean Roar slams the ground surrounding Kratos and creates a layer of shockwave for enemies. This is also probably the best ranged attack in the game.
  • Aside the Nemean Cestus, there's also the Nemesis Whip that will let Kratos earn the Nemesis Rage. The Nemesis Range is best for shocking enemies with a sudden blast of electric energy.

God of War 3 Remastered – Kratos Weapons Tips

  • While every other magic mentioned above are linked to certain weapons in Kratos' arsenal, it's also imperative that you keep a clear head about all your weapons and each of their abilities.
  • One of the most popular weapons is the Blades of Athena. This is basically a set of dual swords that Kratos will carry with him for almost the entire game. For newbies, know that you can string in both strong and weak hits into devastating combos. You can even rip enemies into shreds with the Blades of Athena.
  • Following Blades of Athena, you will see that they will upgrade overtime to Blades of Exile. This you will receive from Athena's specter in the Underworld. These blades offer enhanced abilities, alongside even more powerful strikes.
  • There's also the Blade of Olympus that GoW fans will be familiar with. The glowing sword comes into play whenever Kratos' Rage mode is activated. However, the power eventually will run out and you will need to wait for it be replenished once more.
  • If and when you beat Hades in the Underworld, Kratos will acquire the Claws of Hades. These are basically similar to Kratos' original blades and are connected with chains. This one gives you a bit more range, compared to others, and is a great weapon to deal with the gargantuan Hades.
  • As we mentioned earlier, there's the Nemean Cestus, which is a pair of animal head-shaped gloves that you'll acquire from Hercules once you beat him. These gloves pack quite a punch, and are useful against later bosses in the game.
  • In the course of the game, Kratos will also acquire the Nemesis Whip. This is actually a pair of blades that have been put together by three swords crafted from the Omphalos Stone. The weapon will be given to you by Hephaestus right before you have to kill him. These carry an electrical charge that can stun most enemies.
  • Other weapons that Kratos have in his arsenal, but may not be considered as highly as the others, include the Bow of Apollo, which lets you shoot a limited range of arrows at enemies. Apart from that, there's the Head of Helios (lights up the area and blinds enemies), and the Boots of Hermes, speeding up Kratos' style of attack.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]