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[Representative image] Official Santa Monica studio Twitter page

The possible new third-person game, "God of War 4" is rumoured to focus on Norse mythology. The leak came from an industry insider Shinobi602, who shared tweets that revealed the direction that the developers were taking for the next game from the "God of War" franchise.

Shinobi602 revealed in his tweet, "...to the halls of Valhalla. My boy. #GodofWar4"

Kratos, the game's protagonist would be heading to Valhalla, the mythological enormous hall that is located in Asgard, which is ruled by Odin, a god. Valahalla represents the hall of the fallen warriors.

Following the Tweets from Shinobi602, NerdLeaks did some research and discovered that the portfolio of Finnian MacManus, a concept artist who had worked at Santa Monica Studio, contained some images in an "illusory" private section, Gematsu reported. All the leaked photos are available on NeoGAF.

Here are some of the things that were uncovered:

  • A Kratos-looking character with a beard
  • A Norse mythology setting
  • Alfheim and "Land of the Fairies" are a few of the image's names
  • The Kratos-looking character will be in prison at one point
  • The Kratos-looking character has an axe that he can use to cut vines and create bridges/walkways
  • The surrounding environment could interact with the character

Sony's rumoured PlayStation 4.5 is said to get "God of War 4" as its launch title. It is likely that more updates of the game would come to light during the E3 2016 annual event.