Pictured: The poster for Goblin.Facebook/Goblin

The promo for this Friday's episode of Korean drama Goblin, or Guardian : The Lonely and Great God, has fans wondering if Gong Yoo's character Shin is going to die.

The drama has aired only four episodes and it seems highly unlikely that the main lead, Shin, will die. But the promo shows Eun Tak trying to pull the sword off his chest, something that only she can do as she is the goblin's bride. This would ultimately end his immortal life, and Shin has been waiting for this for all the 900 years he has been alive. However, spoilers indicate that Eun Tak will be unable to pull the sword as only a Goblin's bride or wife will be able to do so.

Goblin has been an instant success, but it has attracted some criticism as well, particularly regarding the love story of Eun Tak and Sin, as Eun Tak is still a school girl in the series.

"Do I have to watch a drama what portrays a paedophile in 2016? The man who looks like he is middle aged and a minor falling for each other is being portrayed as romance...It's disgusting," a commenter wrote on the drama's official site. Another netizen said, "I think Kim Go Eun's character needs some changes. She is simply too childish so the whole relationship seems Lolita-like."

Expressing disappointment, another blamed the writer, saying: "It's a bit weird to watch Kim Go Eun's character throw herself at an older male...I'm disappointed at the writer."

Check out the promo for Friday's episode below:

Goblin airs Fridays and Saturdays on tvN.