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A recent video of a "mutant" goat with two faces drinking milk with both mouths is going viral. The goat, born with two pairs of eyes and two mouths, baffled the onlookers in the video.

The animal was being fed by a person when the video was captured. According to video website Newsflare, the brief clip was filmed in Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

Onlookers are heard in the video puzzling over what could have led to the goat being born with two faces. One is even heard referring to the phenomenon as "kudrat ka karishma," meaning "a wonder of nature."

The website said: "The biological phenomena of animals being born with two heads is called dicephalia. Although rare, two-headed animals have been documented since the 1800s."

The condition of having more than one heads is known as polycephaly, derived from Greek where poly means "many" and kephalē means "head". However, they're called bicephalic or dicephalic if the animals are two-headed, and three-headed ones are called tricephalic.

Last year, a goat with human-like face in India had amazed people. The four-legged animal's lips appeared to be bent upward, like in a pout. Even the nose of the animal was more like that of a human than the snout of a goat.

The picture of the goat with a human face was shared on Facebook by Samiraa Aissa, who captioned the image: "A strange creature has been discovered in India."

Aissa added: "The animal, whose shape resembles that of a human being, terrified a whole village."

Deformities like these can happen for several reasons, such as genetic mutation, damage to the fetus or uterus and complications at birth. There are several other cases of animal deformities that you can check out here.