Nepal Protest
Protest at Chinese Embassy, KathmanduCredit:Twitter

Massive protests erupted outside the Chinese embassy in Nepal against the illegal land grab by the Xi Jingpin regime in the border areas. Hundreds of students from multiple unions staged a protest rally outside the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu over Chinese construction in the northern Nepal district of Humla.

Protesters, including mostly young students, raised slogans against the encroachment and demanded that the Chinese leave the territory of Nepal immediately and respect the bilateral border treaty.

The Nepali media on Wednesday reported that the Chinese have constructed 11 buildings on its side of the border wherein one building houses, soldiers, from the People's Liberation Army (PLA), and others remaining empty.

Chinese embassy refuting the claims

However, the Chinese Embassy stated that the said buildings were verified on the Chinese side of the Sino-Nepal border and asked the Nepal side to re-verify its position. The occupied area is remotely related to the district headquarters of Nepal, difficult to reach, barren, unused, but the Chinese can cross easily due to the proximity and easy road to it.

People's Liberation Army
In picture: Soldiers from the People's Liberation Army of China.Wikimedia Commons

"China and Nepal are friendly neighbours. China has always respected Nepal's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The building mentioned by the media has been verified to be on the Chinese side of the China-Nepal border and the Nepali side may make verifications again. China and Nepal have no territorial disputes. The two sides have always maintained close communication on border affairs", reported Zee news quoting the official spokesperson in Nepal.

Another Chinese encroachment

The problem was highlighted when Vishnu Bahadur Lama, the president of the local village council, went on a visit to this territory. He disclosed that the construction of the building in the Limi village of Lapcha village was completed by Chinese soldiers. He was also stopped from going to the side of the village where the buildings were constructed.

He even tried to talk to the Chinese forces in vain, Lama says, and they didn't respond and he was even told to return. After refusing entry into the area, he took a few pictures of the Chinese PLA's newly built building on his cell phone in the territory, showing the buildings were constructed almost 2 kilometers into Nepali territory.