Gmail is one of the most productive apps on smartphones and any change is relevant to billions of users worldwide. Gmail for Android has been updated with a new version, which brings an incredible feature that makes switching between accounts easier than ever.

After being available to Gmail for iOS for over six months, Google has decided that it is high time Android users also get a taste of this nifty feature. With the version 2019.08.18 of Gmail for Android, users can swipe on their Google Account avatar on the top-right corner to switch accounts. The gesture works by swiping up or down on the avatar.

Swipe-to-switch is a popular feature on other Android apps, such as Google Maps, Google Drive and Google Contacts and it has been lauded for the ease of use. Gmail for Android is the latest one to receive the feature.

Gmail for Android
Gmail for Android gets new featureREUTERS/Mike Blake/Files

Previously, users had to tap on the profile icon and then select the account. Alternatively, users could use the side hamburger menu from the left to select apps, but both these options involved more than one step. With swipe-to-gesture support, users must simply swipe down or up to see the profile icon fill in with the secondary account, Android Police reported.

Having more than one Gmail account, one personal and another work email is kind of natural. Having to seamlessly switch between apps makes sense for frequent users. Keep an eye out on the Play Store for Gmail v2019.08.18 and update it accordingly. If not, users can also update the app manually with the help of an updated APK file.

Gmail's new feature in Android might be a great feature, but the report also suggests that there might be a dark mode in Gmail soon. The new build contains dark grey blue shade on the app's widget and the splash screen. Gmail is one of the few popular apps that haven't got the dark mode yet, so is WhatsApp. But that could change soon for both apps.