US President Donald Trump's visit to India has been the biggest talk of the town. President Trump participated in a roadshow alongside Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad on Monday and addressed millions of people gathered at the Motera cricket stadium, which is the largest in the world.

PM Modi received President Trump alongside US first lady Melania Trump at the Ahmedabad airport, but one detail most people missed was a marketing opportunity seized by Globe Ground India, which offers complete ground handling package for aircraft.

If you've watched videos or images of President Trump and his wife arrive at the airport and as they walked down the ramp from the aircraft to meet PM Modi, there's just one branding that could be seen. Globe Ground India's logo was printed along each step of the ramp, grabbing a massive branding gig with POTUS and FLOTUS, attracting millions of eyes from across the world.

modi hugs trump
PM Narendra Modi receives US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.Twitter/ANI

Globe Ground India's smart branding alongside the red carpet welcome for President Trump was indeed a solid marketing gig for the company, which is rarely heard of. It's not clear if the marketing was accidental or not, but it was surely a major opportunity for a lot of govt. companies.

Surprisingly, all our attempts to reach Globe Ground India's marketing and PR team hit a dead-end. Their social media presence is next to nothing. We will update the story when we get in touch with the company.

What is Globe Ground India?

Globe Ground India was started as a joint venture with Lufthansa in 1999. In India, the company is owned by Bird Group to deliver high-quality ground services. Globe Ground India offers everything from ramp services to passenger services, freighter handling, charter handling and comprehensive support to the airlines.

Globe Ground India services
Globe Ground India servicesGlobe Ground India

Globe Ground India handles aircraft loading and unloading, baggage sorting, cabin cleaning, cargo and mail sorting, sanitary and water services, ground handling equipment support, ticketing, check-in, departure service, lounge service, transfers and arrival service, VIP and special assistance service and everything under the roof to support airlines.

Since the ramp service comes under Globe Ground India's jurisdiction, its branding worked wonders for the company.

Missed opportunity

US President's visit to India has been widely reported by media and the Modi-led government couldn't have talked about it enough. The arrangements were top-class, everything from staying at the ITC Maurya to over-the-top security were done to offer nothing short of a luxurious stay for the president and his family. Despite it all, the government missed or probably overlooked a branding gig landed in the hands of Globe Ground India.