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What makes a kid happy? There is no doubt that a majority of children all over the globe consider toys as their favourite belonging, but once they lose interest with a particular toy, the money spent on buying it goes in vain. Though these objects play a pivotal role in a child's growth, there are thousands of less privileged kids who do not get the chance to get hold of them due to their poor family background.

It is this thought that made Ahmedabad-based Hirin Dhamecha to start the venture named Give Toy Give Joy in May 2016 to help provide unused toys to poor kids in slums. Now, with the help of four volunteers, she has brought smiles on the faces of more than 1,500 kids with the help of over 200 donors.

When asked on what made her start this venture, Hirin tells International Business Times, India: "I had started this work from my home, and with my daughter. When kids do not use their toys, the money goes waste and we either throw the toys to garbage or give it to someone else."

"I just collected a few of such toys, which my daughter was not using, and went to the nearby slums. I spent some time with the kids asking them their favourite games. Most of them liked puzzle games, which is a target-oriented game and involves mind power," she added.

Hirin later started a Facebook page to motivate parents to donate toys to the needy. It was done after her neighbours initially rejected her plans to gift unused toys to poor kids. "I used to show them where and how these toys will be used. Soon, a few parents came forward and showed their interest in enquiring about the whole process," she adds.

Hirin also explained the events that she organises at slums to teach the kids on how to use the toys. "Sometimes kids do not give time to explain as they just want to run away with the toys. But a few others with different interest level and logical reasoning skills, motivates me to conduct the programme," Hirin says.

"The most important part of the child life is a toy, which we hardly give importance to," Hirin concludes.

How to give your unused toys to needy kids via Give Toy Give Joy?

Contact 9974079022, 9974984799, 9099939891 or 8866545254 for pick up in Ambawadi, Satellite, Bopal, Asytapur, Gurukula and Thaltej areas. As of now, Give Toy Give Joy collects toys in Ahmedabad only.