Josh was introduced to Girl Meets World in the Christmas special episode of season 1
Josh was introduced to Girl Meets World in the Christmas special episode of season 1screenshot/youtube

"Girl Meets World" has gone on yet another break after the airing of Season 2 Episode 27 "Girl Meets Money" on Friday, 22 January. However, there are some updates regarding Season 3 of the Disney series that might make Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Josh's (Uriah Shelton) fans happy.

It is understood that Uncle Josh — or Uncle Boing as Maya, likes to call him — will have a bigger role in Season 3. This news is consistent with the fact that the showrunners have promised the focus will be on relationships and feelings in the upcoming season.

When Josh was introduced in the Christmas special episode of Season 1, Maya made it abundantly clear she had strong feelings for him. However, Josh felt Maya was too young for him, and following a series of attempts Maya finally gave up on pursuing him.

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In the second half of Season 2, Maya was shown as a romantic interest for Lucas (Peyton Meyer), who also has a complicated relationship with her best friend Riley (Rowan Blanchard). "Girl Meets World" has definitely succeeded in creating a romantic melting pot, allowing the teenage stars of the show to explore their feelings without being judged.

The return of Uncle Josh in Season 3 may mean Maya, too, will have a choice between Lucas and Josh, just like Lucas is confused about his feelings for Riley and Maya. However, these storylines are still quite far away, considering there are two more episodes in Season 2 of "Girl Meets World" that are yet to be aired.

In the upcoming Season 2 Episode 28, titled "Girl Meets Commonism", Maya and Farkle will be caught cheating in a test, and will have to do the time for their crime. The entire gang will have to step up and do what they can to protect their friends, while also learning that cheating is wrong.