The season 2 episode 12 of "Girl Meets World" will be aired on Disney Channel on Friday, 7 August, after a small break last week. "Girl Meets Yearbook" will deal with Riley and her friends coming to terms with how their friends perceive them.

The high school yearbooks are handed out to the class, but the long-standing tradition of "most likely to" stirs some trouble among the friends. They are unhappy with how everyone else sees them and decide to change their personalities.

While Riley (Rowan Blanchard), who is loving and caring and very innocent, takes on a Gothic personality, her best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) decides to be more like Riley.

Maya, who is used to bullying and tricking people into doing what she wants, behaves like Riley to win the hearts of her peers.

Fans of "GMW" know it is a great opportunity for Mr Mathews aka Cory (Ben Savage) to impart some life-changing advice and it is sure going to be great, but we are looking forward more to Episode 13 "Girl Meets Semi-Formal", which will mark the return of Jack Hunter (Mathew Lawrence).

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In "Boy Meets World", Jack was Eric's (Will Friedle) college roommate, and later it was revealed that he is also the half-brother of Shawn (Rider Storng).

Although the Hunter brothers did not get along in the beginning, they became pretty close over time, especially after the death of their father. It would be interesting to see their dynamics as adults, though Shawn's presence in the episode has not been confirmed so far.

Regardless, watch out for the Season 2 Episode 12 of "Girl Meets World" at 8.30 PM (EST) on Friday, 7 August, You can also live stream "Girl Meets Yearbook" via Disney Channel Go.