Disney Channel series "Girl Meets World" will be taking a week's break ahead of the mid-season hiatus that begins after 21 August, and not air season 2 episode 12 of the series as per schedule on Friday, 31 July. "Girl Meets Yearbook" will instead be aired on the next Friday, which is 7 August.

In the second season of "GMW" creators brought back a few beloved characters from "Boy Meets World" including Uncle Eric (Will Firedle), Angela (Trina McGee) and Mr Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn). However, the upcoming episodes will also bring a new face to the show; namely, Perez Hilton.

According to the photos from the set, he will be playing an announcer or an MC at a cheer leading competition, that Riley (Rowan Blanchard) is also a part of. Variety claims that the plot details for the episode in which Hilton pops up, is still under wraps.

In the upcoming episode "Girl Meets Yearbook", Riley and her friends are far too busy fixing the way their peers perceive them, to bother with a cheer-leading competition. According to the synopsis, none of the kids are happy with the "most likely" tag that has been chosen for the yearbook and sets out to fix it themselves.

Watch out for season 2 episode 12 of "Girl Meets World" at 8:30pm (EST) on Friday, 7 August, on Disney Channel. You can also live stream "Girl Meets Yearbook" via Disney Channel Go.