Disney's "Girl Meets World" may have been on a break since the last couple of weeks, but that has not stopped fans from obsessing over what will happen next. In part 3 of the "Girl Meets Texas" series, we learned that Riley (Rowan Blanchard) still has romantic feelings for Lucas (Payton Meyer), although she and Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) are the only people who know about it.

Riley was pushing her best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lucas to be with each other, because she thought that the love she has for Lucas is more one that a sister has for her brother. However, with the help of Farkle, Riley realises that she has feelings for Lucas, but decides to keep it to herself, because she wants to see her friends happy.

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While Riley is struggling with her emotions, New Year is fast approaching, and the girls are holding a midnight party. Her not-so-secret admirer Charlie Gardner (Tanner Buchanan) arrives at the gang's hangout place Topanga's and tells Riley, "What will be interesting is who's with who at midnight," obviously hinting at a New Year's kiss.

Meanwhile, Farkle tries to convince Riley that she needs to reveal the truth about her feelings to Lucas and Maya. When she refuses to do the same, he goes ahead and reveals it to their friends. We see a shocked Riley stopping in her tracks as her secret is made public, and Maya and Lucas staring on, confused.

From the promo it looks like Lucas is Maya's date and Charlie is Riley's. How will Farkle's announcement change the course of the night? Will Lucas decide to be with Riley and not Maya? We will find out next Friday, 4 December, when Season 2 Episode 25 of "Girl Meets World" titled "Girl Meets The New Year" will be aired on Disney Channel.