Peyton Meyer, who found his way into the hearts of teenage girls all over with the Disney Show "Girl Meets World", is celebrating his 17th birthday on Tuesday, 24 November. The cheerful and charming young actor, is best known as Lucas, who is the common angle in the Riley-Lucas-Maya love triangle.

Lucas entered the show as a Texan boy who moves to New York after getting into some trouble at his home state. Riley (Rowan Blanchard) fell for him as soon as she saw him in the subway. However, he has had a tumultuous relationship with Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), who pokes fun at him every chance she gets.

From Season 1, all three of them have grown, and so has their relationships. Maya and Riley remain the closest of friends, but they both have deep affection for Lucas. Maya realised her feeling for Lucas when the crew travelled to Texas to watch Lucas ride Tempest -- the bull. She forbade Lucas from climbing on the bull, threatening to never speak with him again.

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However, with Riley's support he goes ahead, and in a tense conversation by the campfire that night, Maya confessed that she does really like him, and the duo almost kiss. Although Riley kept trying to prove that she and Lucas share a sibling-like relationship, Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) figures out that she too in fact likes Lucas. However, he is sworn into secrecy by Riley.

The fans of "Girl Meets World" are still divided in to two camps: Lucaya and Rucas. In a poll we conducted, most fans opined that they felt Lucas and Riley would make a better couple than Maya and Lucas.

However, the difference on popularity was small, with Lucaya getting 328 votes and Rucas getting 394 votes. A few fans also felt that "Girl Meets World" should focus on friendship and not relationships, preferring for all of them to be friends rather than couples.