The last couple of episodes of "Girl Meets World" have been focusing on the love triangle between Riley, Lucas and Maya. Although we are not even close to understanding whether "Rucas" or "Lucaya" will become a reality, "Girl Meets Texas" series did allow Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) to understand that she deeply cares for Lucas (Peyton Meyer).

In the upcoming Episode 23 of Season 2, we will see more of Maya and her family. As is always the case with "Girl Meets World", Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and her friends learn life lessons simultaneously with their school projects -- this time it is forgiveness.

In "Girl Meets Forgiveness Project", we see the gang learning about forgiveness. While Riley deals with trying to let go of the fact that her younger brother Auggie (August Maturo) destroyed something that is very important to her, her best friend Maya is dealing with something that is a little more stressful.

She writes to her father who left her and her mother Katy (Cheryl Texiera) in an attempt to forgive him, and according to sneak peeks from the episode, Kermit (David Thomas Jenkins) returns to their lives, at least for an episode. We do not know much about Kermit, other than what Katy told Shawn (Rider Strong) in Season 1 Episode 18 "Girl Meets Master Plan".

Since then, Shawn and Katy have been getting closer to each other, which is why we cannot help but wonder if his return will cause a rift between the couple. From the looks of it, Katy is still very mad at him, while Maya is uncharacteristically hesitant around him.

Find out how Kermit's return will affect Maya and Katy's lives, and more importantly Katy-Shawn's relationship, at 8.30 pm (EST) on Friday, 6 November, when Season 2 Episode 23 will be aired on Disney Channel. You can also live stream "Girl Meets Forgiveness Project" via Disney Now.

Meanwhile, here are some Maya, Shawn and Katy moments from "Girl Meets World":