gigi hadid
Gigi Hadid sporting armpit hair in the LOVE Advent Calendar.YouTube screenshot

Gigi Hadid has the internet buzzing again. While this time it's not about her makeup or fashion collab with high-end brands, it's no less controversial. Recently, featuring in a photoshoot for LOVE Advent Calendar, Gigi flashed more hair than just her luscious mane.

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The entirety of Netizens were split trying to decide if it was armpit hair that Gigi, 22, was trying to sport, or not, but of course – some people had more to say than just debating over the dark patches in her underarms as she kicked and boxed to promote the "stray strong" theme of the video.

A scene from the video.YouTube screenshot

Being one of today's top models, both Gigi and her sister, Bella, undergo a lot of scrutiny from social media with every step they take. And while they have been called out before for cultural appropriation and ignorant racist views, this time Gigi is accused of fake feminism.

The video shows her clad in a crop top and shorts – both red, as she shows off her kickboxing skills and volleyball moves, right after saying, "I'm Gigi Hadid. Today is free form day."

Even though sources close to Gigi busted the "armpit hair" claim to TMZ, saying it was just fabric residue from her jacket, people have taken to bash the idea that unruly body hair is now just a commodity for brands to seem socially 'woke' and gain market revenue.

gigi hadid
A scene from the video.YouTube screenshot

This brings back memories of Priyanka Chopra's perfectly flawless armpit on the cover of Maxim which was accused to be overly photoshopped and had thus gained massive scrutiny for setting unrealistic standards of bodily features.

My new cover! Thank you @maxim.india #pctopsmaximhot100 #maximhot100 @stephaniebbmakeup @tedgibson

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Not that Gigi's new "bold" flashing was received with warm welcome, as fans are still divided on Twitter, debating whether the idea was to promote women empowerment or just a plain old publicity stunt.

It started with the world trying to decide if it was normal or just gross...

And then began speculations about how okay the entire concept was. By the looks of it, people are just not ready to accept Gigi as a "feminist icon."