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An Indonesian man named Nedi Sito has claimed that his daughter Jumantri's death may have been caused due to the giant size of her husband's genitals. The 55-year-old man accused Jumantri's husband Barsah for killing her daughter using his giant penis during the time of sexual intercourse.

Nedi Sito approached police officers later and asked them to probe the genital size of Barsah. Sito made this move after several people claimed that Barsah has a giant genital, and it may be the reason behind his daughter's death. Even though authorities had ruled her death was due to epileptic fits, Nedi Sito was not ready to accept the fact, and he demanded investigation and examination of Barsah's penis.

Upon Sito's repeated requests, investigative officers called up Barsah to examine the size of his genitals. Barsah was later ordered to show his penis to the investigative officers, police and village officials. After examining his penis, police officers revealed that the size of Barsah's genitals was not that big as claimed by Nedi Sito. Police officers also revealed that the size of Barsah's penis has a standard Asian size.

"After seeing directly the genitalia that was thought to be oversized, it turned out to be of the standard Asian size. So right there and then the father-in-law dropped the report against Barsah and they apologized to each other," said the police officer after analyzing the penis size of Barsah, Detik Today reports.

As police officers inspected the penis of Barsah, and found nothing strange with his genitals, Nedi Sito finally admitted that his daughter has died due to epileptic disorders which she had suffered since the age of 14.

The news of the penis-investigation conducted by Indonesian police soon went viral on online spaces like Facebook, and people argued that the size of the penis has nothing to with the death of a woman.