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Exactly a year ago, Apple announced a battery replacement programme offering rebate on service charge for iPhone 6 and later versions. Well, it remained true to its promise, but the window is closing in a few days.

As per Apple's special offer, an out-of-warranty iPhone battery costs $50 less — from $79 to $29 — for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced. This service started in late January and is available worldwide through December 2018.

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So, Apple iPhone owners if faced with the problem of shortened battery life and want to get replaced go get it done before 31 December or else be ready shell out a hefty fee.

If you happened to no knowledge of discount service and has serviced your iPhone battery for a full price, fret not you can get the cash back of $50 to your credit card or bank account. In India, Apple is offering Rs 3,900.

If you didn't receive any communication from Apple via email by August 2018, but believe you are eligible for a credit based on the terms above, you should contact Apple (here) by 31 December. Be advised, Apple will ask for proof of service so that it happened at any of Apple Store, Apple Repair Center, or an Apple Authorized Service Provider only or else you won't get even a penny.

Who should get their iPhone battery replaced now?

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Apple is offering $50 rebate on battery replacement and repair for iPhone 6 and later versions.Apple.com (screen-grab)

It is widely reported that if your iPhone battery's maximum capacity is gone below 80 %, it is advisable for the device owner to immediately replace the battery at the earliest to make use of discounted service offer.

To check for battery life capacity, first go to Settings >> Battery>> Battery Health >> Maximum capacity.

[Note: Maximum capacity is a measure of the battery capacity relative to when it was new. Lower capacity may result in fewer hours of usage between charges.]

Even if your iPhone battery capacity is more than 80% and less than 90%, you can replace it so that save not only your money but also extend your iPhone usage longer and don't have to buy a new model anytime soon.