Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL were finally launched and their cameras, as expected, got the biggest attention. Some features in particular, like the Astrophotography mode, received a lot of hype. Sadly, Google's latest flagships are not coming to India, but what if we told you there was a way to get some Pixel 4-exclusive camera features ported to older Pixel phones.

Google Camera mods are extremely popular among smartphone users, who can get access to unique features and enhanced photo quality better than the stock camera app. Now, the Pixel 4's most-talked-about camera feature can be used in older Pixel phones, thanks to a camera mod available freely on the internet.

According to XDA Developers, Google Camera 7.2 mod allows owners of older Pixel phones, Pixel 1 and Pixel 2, to test the critically-acclaimed Astrophotography mode. In addition to that, users can also enable Super Res Zoom feature in the new mod. Check out the complete changelog of Google Camera 7.2 mod below:

Pixel 2 XL Review
Pixel 2 XLIBT/Sami Khan
  • Enable Astro mode for Pixel 1 & 2
  • Enable Focus options in Night Sight (along with "infinity" – may be same as far)
  • Modded lib for Learned Depth in Portrait Mode (Pixel 2)
  • Enable Super Res Zoom while zoomed or in Night Sight (no zoom required) – this is like Pixel 3 stock
  • Enable auto timer (photobooth), it's in the selfie camera in the Timer options
  • Enable synthetic fill flash for Pixel 2 and enable SFF in Camera mode for 3a

It is worth noting that this isn't an official update from Google, so one must sideload the camera mod on their Pixel phone to enjoy the latest features. To do so, one can download Google Camera 7.2 mod and flash it on their Pixel phone by transferring to APK file and launching it.

Google Pixel 3 XL Review
Google Pixel 3 XLIBTimes India/Sami Khan

But if you currently own any other smartphone besides a Pixel, you're out of luck, at least for now. There is no word on when the camera mod will be available for non-Pixel phones, but it shouldn't be long.