Bigg Boss OTT 2 is almost nearing its end, the reality show premiered on June 17, 2023, and the finale is expected to take place in the last week of July. However, each day housemates have a different equation with each other, one day they are fighting and the next day they are seen as friendly with each other. Bebika, Pooja and Jad have a difference of opinion and are often seen engaging in a war of words. Bebika has also discussed Jad's divorce and spoke to Pooja that it's good that Jad's daughter is with his mother. 

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Tempers soar: What went wrong between Jad, Bebika and Pooja Bhatt 

The issue began after Jad and Bebika had a fallout and Jad in anger dropped his pants and showed his butt to Bebika, during this week's task Jad even spit on the ground seeing Bebika, this irked Pooja and Bebika and latter was seen kept Jad for his behaviour.

jad to leave the house
Jad packs his bags

During the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Jad apologised to Salman Khan and Indians for kissing Akansha for a 'kissing task' and showing his butt.

AVinash hugs jad
Jad breaks down

Bebika's constant nagging has irked Jad, broke down, started packing his bags, and told inmates that he wants to leave.

Jad spoke to Falaq and said, "I can't be in this house with this woman Pooja, Bebika and the rest. Please respect my opinion. She makes you guys quiet and shuts you all up. You guys are afraid of her, she is shutting your guys down with scared respect. When I see their face on how they look at me, what did I do? That look makes me feel that I did a crime unforgivable. She keeps telling me to show reality, if I show my reality, she would go bury herself.!"

"I don't know who she is, when she speaks, she speaks her mind and all of you are scared. You all are influenced and affected by her. Get over with it, get a f***king life", he added.

Speaking about Pooja, Jad added, "She is allowed to describe everyone but if somebody describes her or expresses themselves or a comment towards her, she flips the ground upside down. Even when it was about Paprika's (Bebika) issue and I asked her to tone it down she flipped on me. Is that how someone who comes from a respectable background talks, I only asked her to tone her voice down. It seemed like I was talking to someone from the jungle. She has been holding it since then."

jad and Avinash

Jad continued, "Every time she speaks about this matter, you can't shut her down. Can somebody show some guts and shut her down? She is dominating." Abhishek tried to talk it out, "She didn't pin you down this time. Cyrus sir and I tried to talk to her about it. If she would have targeted you then believe me, I would have shut her down at that moment."

Netizens have come out in support of Jad on social media and said Pooja Bhatt and Bebika should be eliminated.

jad hadid

As it is Weekend ka Vaar today, let's see what will Salman Khan's take be on Bebika, Pooja and Jad's cold war and verbal spat. 

Manisha and Jad
manisha Rani and Jad